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First Off The Press…

Beginning with its first book Sindy in Real Life, it is experimenting with ways to showcase and promote for profit the work of writers specialising in biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, true life stories and realistic fiction featuring ordinary people.

Hi, I’m Sindy & this is my Real Life At sixteen, I was a sad uneducated ugly duckling. A waste of space. At 49, I’m a mother of three, a qualified legal executive, a full sex escort, and I campaign for Respect This is what happened I decided to be a mother and not marry, but earn enough to bring up kids I got educated gradually and work as a paralegal, doing hard graft – no-win. No money for kid three, so, sold sex to some great, but many more dodgy men.

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Real Life Press for Readers

Real Life Press

We publish biographies about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people, which have relevance and meaning for many others, including Sindy in Real Life. We feature short true-life stories in our FUN newsletter and in Shorts on this site. Biography Bookshelf offers books from mainstream publishers and self-published biographies. New titles are featured in FUN.

Real Life Press for Writers

Real Life Press

Use Real Life Press to showcase your work, sell your published books, create an archive, publish books, be selected for anthologies, improve your writing craft and marketing to make more money from your writing.

Opportunities to writers:
Opportunities to writers
Writing Services
Writing Bookshelf

Real Life Press for Service Providers

Real Life Press

You will find an eager audience of writers who are grappling with the writing technique, deciding between entering competitions, pitching or self-publishing, and trying to create and market books and shorter works. They will welcome your free information and want to buy from you. You’ll also get all the reader benefits.

Real Life Press

Real Life Press Fiction helps authors develop writing skills for novels, short fiction and drama. It offers an optional publishing and promotion package, and inclusion in anthologies. It offers access to the ARCHIVE and to the FORUM for critiques and showcasing.

Real Life Press

Real Life Press Poetry helps poets develop their skills. It offers inclusion in anthologies of poems that seek to give poetic form to reminiscences about life.

It offers access to the ARCHIVE which agents and publishers browse and to the FORUM for critiques and showcasing.

Real Life Press

REAL LIFE PRESSure is a call to action to promote RESPECT change LAWS to favour ORDINARY PEOPLE and create and foster CARING COMMUNITIES.

Real Life Press

Real Life Press Politics offers you the opportunity to have your say in our blog VOICE OF ORDINARY PEOPLE to support SINDY’S Campaign become a Good Neighbour and write Political Articles & Books, including Whistleblowing without revealing your identity.

Real Life Press

Real Life Press Groups are for reader and writers. If you have an existing group we offer group rates but individual benefits. We’ll suggest ideas for weekly groups and help you find or found an 8-16 person group to meet locally or online.

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REAL LIFE PRESS is a not-for-profit enterprise Until the end of its first period of trading on 31st Dec 2019 it is a trading title of its founder and proprietor Roy Chadwick, during which time any profits will be re-invested in systems development and promotion on behalf of the community. A UK-based non-profit structure will then be created

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Roy Chadwick

Before founding Real Life Press, I published a book of my own short stories and one of poems, The Lives of Strangers, 52 Poems about People.

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