About Us

Most of us are ordinary people living real lives, coping with our situations day by day, never having quite enough ability, support, education, luck, determination or money to live a fantasy life in which our every wish comes true and satisfies every need.

Our experience, first hand knowledge and understanding are limited to and by the small number of people and places we know well.

Our Badges and Labels

We define ourselves by the badges of belonging we are proud to wear, our country, our faith, our team, our neighbourhood, our town, our race, our skills, our education, our social class, our ancestry.

But often we are not noticed as individuals but grouped together under a common characteristic, given a label and treated as inferior because of it.

Our Neighbourhoods

If we live in multi-cultural neighbourhoods we have the opportunity to get to know people who display badges different from our own and realise that they share our human weaknesses and strengths, have valid reasons for their badges, respond well to respect and are willing to return it. We may not become friends, we may keep our distance, we may deny their equality in humanity, the choice is ours, but we will be sharing labels, facing common problems.

If we live in neighbourhoods where our parents and grandparents or people very much like them lived, among people who share most of our badges and where we feel we belong, we are more likely to ignore the similarities with people who don’t, fail to see them as individual human beings and judge them by the labels given to them by those who don’t respect them, by the media. It’s built into our DNA to fear the unknown.

Our Community

Real Life Press is a community of readers and writers interested in finding out more about the life-changing experiences of people they will never meet, in order to understand human nature and the culture and badges they represent.

Real Life Press is a resource that allows writers to access fellow community members who are providers of services to help with the craft of writing, to deal with the technical issues in preparing and submitting short accounts and book length manuscripts, to find readers through showcasing, and make money through publication and promotion. It is structured to make sure that it continues to offer ongoing showcasing and promotion of the published work of writers.

Real Life Press is a community dedicated to sharing the experiences of ordinary people and their extraordinary lives to demonstrate their shared humanity, and encouraging and supporting writers in this quest.

The Need for Interaction

Understanding is important, but we need to share it with others, to meet our own emotional needs and to spread the message.

Real Life Press offers a network of readers and writers’ groups holding weekly community or online meetings.

Sindy’s Campaign for Respect encourages individual efforts to promote the message by wearing and using merchandise and using social media to spread the word.It welcomes the formation of local social groups and entrepreneurial initiatives that use fun events.

Good Neighbours create Good Neighbourhoods. We all live in neighbourhoods, towns or cities and countries in which our opportunities as ordinary people are restricted by the socio-political system that lays down the law. This Real Life Press initiative encourages volunteers to form groups in which neighbours help each other and organise collective political action to improve neighbourhood facilities.

The Need for Political Change

We live in a world, a country, a town, a neighbourhood which is far from perfect.

Change is always needed, but many changes are not in the interests of ordinary people. Real Life Press Politics hosts an ideas factory in which policy options are proposed and open forconstructive comment. Because we are UK based, the UK features in the early exchanges, but the subjects have a wider relevance.

The Voice of Ordinary People