Did BUNGLE Change Anybody’s Life?

You may already have heard about the pup called #Bungle that wandered from the driveway of the family home, got scared, hid under a truck and held up traffic. Police tried to grab it to ‘rescue’ it, and it took a couple of baby-toothed bites and was detained, ‘as evidence’. Over 5,000 people signed an on-line petition for its release and a Facebook group was set up. It only served four days.

The family got their dog back, the officer was treated, but maybe somebody decided to use social media for good rather than hate and that might have made a big difference to someone.

But there are lots of dogs who have changed people’s lives, on the happy side by becoming lifelong companions, or by introducing two lonely people to each other by needing to go walkies.

On the other side an untrained or fight-trained dog may have launched a ferocious attack on a pretty face.

#RealLifePress is creating an eBook featuring 30 stories by people whose lives have been changed by a dog. Each will describe the magic or tragic moment in 250-750 words, say something about themselves and what is now happening as a result of that moment, and some will provide photos or video featuring the dog.

The eBook will be offered for sale and a 50% royalty will be paid. Participants will also have unlimited copies to give away.

The details are available at reallifepresspub.com

If you are interested in telling your life-changing story about a dog or any of the other subjects in the series, or would like to knowwhen the eBook is published, email flashfacts@reallifepresspub.com