Are You Trying to Find a Gift for a Writer?


Do you know someone who will make a New Year resolution to get something written or published in 2019?

#RealLifePress is making a #NewYearOffer

If you buy a Level Four Founder Subscriber Membership as a gift for £65, Real Life Press will provide all the benefits of their most popular service to the recipient and credit back £5 a month for a year into their account to spend on services from a wide variety of sources including publishing and promotion.


If they have not participated as members of the not-for-profit community or used any of the money credited by January 1 st 2020, Real Life Press will treat your gift as a loan and repay it to you.

 If they have, then in December of next year we will give you the opportunity to give them #Lifetime Support at the same level for a further payment of £65. This will be credited back at £5 pa.

These arrangements are not guaranteed if we have to close.

#RealLife Press is a not-for-profit community of readers and writers supported by suppliers of services to writers. It offers new authors for readers to enjoy, and information for writers along with showcasing, publishing and promotion opportunities. It is #THEVOICEOFORDINARYPEOPLE

THIS OFFER CLOSES ON DECEMBER 31 st 2018 for details.