Why are Snippets Good for Readers and Writers?


Most readers have a wish list of articles, stories or books to read next, but long to find a new author who will inform or please them as much as their current favourites. Time is at a premium, buying a whole book when you don’t know if you’ll like it is often too big a step. If only an exciting bit was available like a trailer.

A #SNIPPET is more than one exciting extract, it’s a collection of seven. Each one features a life-changing moment from a novel, genre fiction, or biography. Or in information guides, seven key segments of information. But each piece is limited to 750-1250 words, so the introduction doesn’t take long to read. When readers enjoy reading a SNIPPET, they’ll be ready to read every other word the author has written.

For readers who would only like to read one piece rather than a whole SNIPPET, #Real Life Press has introduced the #LIFECHANGE CHALLENGE for authors to showcase extracts from their work which show life-changing moments.

If they submit ten, Real Life Press will use three to showcase and publicise their work and create an eBook of the other seven, which can be sold for 99p with a 50% royalty to the author or offered free. That decision is the writers to make.

Real Life Press has published #Sindy in Real Life as a full length #eBook and #Paperback. #Sindy’s Snippets, a collection of life-changing moments from it are available at reallifepresspub.com.

Snippets featuring writers who are self-published or traditionally published are in preparation. If you are a writer, or represent or publish one, and are interested in making work available, email snippets@reallifepresspub.com.