Are YOU creating RESPECT in your COMMUNITY?

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Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign goes Grass Roots

‘I began my campaign because I believed that we should focus a little less on the blame culture of ‘ME TOO’ and a little more on what an upsurge in RESPECT would do to improve all our lives,’ says Sindy. ‘I thought it would be fun and worthwhile to wear the slogan, #RESPECT – Show It – Earn It- Expect It, and it is,’ says Sindy who was shown little respect by her parents, at work as a no-win no-fee paralegal, or as an escort, or by herself.

‘If you are at the grass roots, trying to restore an atmosphere of respect in your community or help it flourish in poverty-stricken communities elsewhere, or foster self-respect in those who have lost it, you need money and volunteers not slogans and T-shirts. As part of my campaign I want to create a listing of projects and charities involved in not-for-profit work in communities and invite people to volunteer or contribute. I’m not interested in agencies that contract for profit from public service funding and employ people on minimum wages, but in grass roots activity.
Just let me have the details of what you do and where you do it. If it helps, we can set you up to earn 15% commission to support your work from the sale of Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign merchandise, but that isn’t my reason for this initiative.

Sindy’s autobiography is called #SindyinRealLife and is available as an eBook or paperback worldwide.

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