Does Your Fashion Shoot have enough Edge?

Respect Mug


Whether you are a fashion house, a photographer pitching for work, or simply creating a selfie to show off your latest outfit, you need something eye-catching, original and mind-stimulating to make the image memorable without detracting from the clothes.

Merchandise featuring #Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign could be
your answer. Every item carries the slogan
RESPECT Show It – Earn It – Expect It

Nobody is offended by RESPECT. Association with it can only boost your reputation. If you campaign for RESPECT, you’ll be helping to make the world a better place. You’ll only need discrete placing of a T- shirt or a bag to attract interest and then people will concentrate on the clothing….and you.

There are unisex and women’s T-shirts in a range of styles, a cap, two bags, a mug, phone cases that are a reminder of RESPECT where it’s most needed on social media, even a poster. #Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign is her response to a life lived without it and she developed the idea when writing her autobiography #SINDY in Real Life. from #Real Life Press

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