New Phone Case Starts Revolution

Get RESPECT for your PHONE and become one of us

#METOO is winning the fight for women’s rights, but what the world needs is #RESPECT for our shared, if flawed, humanity.

That’s what Sindy thinks, so she’s campaigning with the message
#RESPECT – Show It – Earn It – Expect It
on T-shirts, bags, mugs and posters but now on iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases

‘If people see the RESPECT message on your phone on your desk, the dining table, on the train, or whenever you answer it in
their company,’ Sindy claims, ‘they will associate you with RESPECT and you’ll rank higher in their esteem. When you are sending a text or making a call, you’ll be reminding yourself that RESPECT matters.

If you read Sindy’s autobiography ‘#SindyinRealLife’ you’ll see she wasn’t granted respect by her parents, in her work as a no-win no-fee paralegal, as an escort, or even by herself. But now she has a cause to campaign for and a quiet revolution to keep going.

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