You want to Stimulate their Minds – They Want Clothes

Respect Tshirt


Whether you are a thirty-year-old dad or an octogenarian great-grandmother, you want to give the younger generation gifts that will broaden their minds, have meaning – and they will want cashor something they choose to draw attention to themselves, that won’t remind them of you or your love of them.

Merchandise featuring #SindysRESPECTCampaign could be your answer.
Every item carries the slogan
RESPECT Show It – Earn It – Expect It

‘I believe in RESPECT for all human beings and their beliefs, (so long as one belief is to respect all others)’ says Sindy. Not everything we do is worthy of respect and we need to eliminate what isn’t to deserve it for our actions. But we should all expect to be respected because we are human beings.’

There are unisex and women’s T-shirts in a range of styles, a cap, two bags, a mug, phone cases that are a reminder of RESPECT where it’s most needed on social media, even a poster. These are not available in shops, so you’ll be giving a gift that will draw attention, increase their cred and gain more respect for them.

#SindyRESPECTCampaign is her response to a life lived without it and she developed the idea when writing her autobiography #SINDYinRealLife from #RealLifePress

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