If you’re interested in reading about the lives of real people in a book with paper pages, rather than electronically, we’ve provided an online bookshop that features them, rather than you needing to trawl through massive websites to find them.

When new titles come out, we’ll tell you about them in our FUN newsletter and add them to the Bookshelf.

We’ve teamed up with a UK company called Wordery which delivers worldwide and quotes its prices inclusive of delivery. The prices in our shop are in £s and include UK delivery, but you will see a price based on your location when you order, so you won’t have the hassle of ordering a book and then being faced with an extra charge for delivery late on in the process.

Technically this is an ‘affiliate relationship’ which means that Wordery will pay Real Life Press 10% of the value of an order placed through us. This income will be used to develop and promote the site for the benefit of the Community of readers and writers.

But what’s in it for you personally? We hope the price will be right and Wordery offers good value most of the time. If you are a Founder Subscriber we’ll share that 10% with you and credit your account with 5%. But data protection rules mean that Wordery can’t tell us who bought, just the transaction number, date and amount. So, I’m afraid you’ll have to send us an email with this information on it, or a copy of your receipt, to  so we can credit your SHOP account, which you can withdraw.

Enjoy browsing and reading your books.

 Biography Audio Bookshelf 

for when you want to rest your eyes and listen

Biographies and Autobiographies of Resilient Women

These books have been selected as likely to interest readers who have an interest in Sindy in Real Life.

 Resilient Women in Fiction 

Authors who, like Sindy, ‘Tell It Like It Is’ but in fiction. Only one title is featured but there are many. 

 Biography Bestsellers 

Although Real Life Press focuses on ordinary people, we don’t want to dictate your reading tastes so this selection is based on popularity.