FLASHFACT Challenge is open for entries. The Challenge is to write 250-750 words of flashfact, rather than fiction, to describe an incident that happened to you. If it happened to someone you know well and you have their permission, you can write it in the first person in their voice. If you witnessed it, then use the voice and your perception of the thoughts of the person affected. You may submit under a pseudonym or as ‘firstname. anonymous’.

The Blurb for over twenty anthologies
Thirty accounts of true life-changing incidents as they happened to ordinary people, told in their own words. Expect to laugh and cry. Some will amuse or entertain, others draw you into their emotional response of joy or sorrow, hope or despair, resilience or resignation.

How a Cat Changed My Life
Is just one title proposed for this series of Real Life Press Anthologies. You may suggest a title and we’ll try to find another 29 authors to join you. Submissions are invited initially for stories about a cat, a dog, a baby, a child, a date, a holiday, a crime, an accident, an illness, a friend, a neighbour, a book, a sport, the gym, a movie, a TV series, social media, my faith, a journey, a car, a new outfit, a haircut, dieting, a bet.

Backstory and Photos/Video
Each story will be accompanied by brief information chosen by the authors, together with illustrations provided to authenticate the stories and put them into context.

Publication of eBooks
Each book in the series will be 96 paperback printed pages long but available initially as an eBook only, when 30 stories have been accepted.

Publication of Printed Books
This will depend on economic viability. POD, Sponsorship and advertising revenue, and magazine rather than paperback, options will be explored.

In order to establish a following for the series, an eBook will be offered For Free For Ever called How My Life Was Changed. It will include one or two stories from each subject. Authors used, will have their stories in three other anthologies, but not earn royalties from this one. Its cover will offer a free book from the series in return for a sign-up to our mailing list.

The usual price for each eBook in the series will be $2.99 (£2.34 + 20% VAT = £2.80) Each will be offered at various times at $0,99 and $1.99. in promotions but never offered free except on the signup offer. The price of printed books will be based on economic viability.

Royalty Payments
Net revenue will be shared 50/50 between Real Life Press which will reinvest it on systems and publicity and the 30 authors involved in that title. Each author will receive quarterly £1.67 of every £100. Net revenue is what remains after deduction of retailers’ margins etc.

How to Enter
If you have a story to tell but need help telling it just email flashfact@reallifepresspub.com with a brief outline and contact details and we’ll appoint a royalty sharing ghost-writer. If you are a writer, you must join at Level 2 or higher to enter. Your first entry is free. Subsequent entries are £4 at Level Two, £2 at Level Three. At Level Four, up to 6 entries a month are free At Level Five all entries are free. Select your entry level in the Shop and we will email a form with a reference number.

We Will Reject Your Entry
If it doesn’t describe a life-changing moment. If it is disrespectful without cause, or illegal. If it hasn’t been checked for spelling and grammar. We will tell you why, so you can retry.

Acceptance Fee
If your entry is accepted for eBook Publication and there are 29 other accepted entries, you will be charged an acceptance fee of £8 as a contribution to 50% of the costs. If you have four or more entries accepted for inclusion and agree to one of them appearing in the free anthology you will not be charged acceptance fees on your entries.