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I guess if you’re here you like to read books about real people, whether biographies or fiction. Real Life Press is a publisher so we’ll feature our books and our niche market which is as the voice of ordinary people.


But in our Biography Bookshelf we offer you a wide variety of fact and fiction about real people from many different publishers.

There often isn’t time to get into a book, and so we go to magazines about the rich and famous and pop-up celebrities, or check out social media. Some magazines offer stories but usually to a set formula, but we offer you more. 


Books of poetry and short stories are published and we want to add to those in anthologies and individual collections, but on this page, we’re offering you stories and poems of life-changing moments. We change the selection regularly and are creating an archive searchable by author.

We’re asking authors to showcase their work in 750-1250-word accounts of pivotal happenings in people’s life. They can be a new complete stories or edited extracts from published or planned.

We’re offering them the chance of anthology publication by writing 250-750-word flashfacts, true stories of How My Life was Changed by a XXXX

To begin, while we await submissions, press ‘Read Our Shorts’ button for some extracts from Sindy in Real Life. You can also purchase further extracts in Sindy’s Seven Snippets for 99p from our shop.

We are inviting poets to give voice to the thoughts and reveal the routines of ordinary people with a possible anthology in mind, with immediate examples from Sindy and my 52 Poems about People which is available free to you as an eBook.

I sold Sex at 17 but didn’t know I was doing it

 Oh, I knew I was doing the sex, just not about the money.  I was a court usher, still seventeen and though used to sex, virginal in the ways of the world.

Money was still an issue. I had to keep my waitress job in the evenings and at weekends if I was ever going to save enough for a car.

That’s how I met Alistair and the ever so prissy Fiona Louise. They were regular customers, came twice a week, which I suspected was once more at least a week than they came in bed. She had a face that said, ‘oh no not that again surely’.

He, on the other hand, was a very friendly chap. Short and…

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In Search of Sperm

 Mark nearing two was the perfect child but I didn’t want to deprive him of a sibling. I knew just how isolated an only child could be, but there was no man in my life. All I needed was sperm.

The first part of the conversation was about costs. This was a private service offered by the hospital trust, I was told. Part of the initial process involved blood tests which could be done in the STD clinic, and an interview with a psychologist for which I would need an appointment.

The fees for those were stated. I thought of the number of cases I would have to process to afford each and decided it would be worth the effort.
Finally, we got to the menu part of the form. I wasn’t exactly expecting dating site photos and profiles, but I did think…

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How I Came to Know the Truth about Love

My life began to change when I paused to ask myself a question.

Most of us care only about our immediate surroundings, family, friends and work. But when we realize that we are living in a universe of an infinite size, when we realize that our life is not as valuable as we thought it was, because it is so small compared to the universe, merely a particle of scattered dust in a galaxy, when we realize that, we are urged to ask ourselves, as I did: ‘If my life is so trivial and short, why would I want to spend it in a constant search for that one thing that ensures my health or my comfort?’…

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The Music of the Sea

I was walking one day in the cosy beautiful streets of the old city of Damascus when I heard the sound of a guitar coming from a tiny shop.

I was very attracted to the music without lyrics then because those that I used to listen to were rubbish, always about desperation and personal misery or emotions and longings that remained fixed in one place. Without them, music was freed to wander into the soul of the universe.

Some of Loreena McKennitt’s songs still held their spell on me as they spoke about a mysterious and enormous love that neither the body nor the senses can contain…

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Poem: First Born Son

You are
the Mark
of my

I love
Your breath
against my cheek.
Your little hand
in mine…

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When we risk it we know it
When love is lost
When hearts tremble in frost
When we pay the cost
When life is almost gone
An awareness shines on
Its light penetrates our core
And yet it hasn’t even stepped on the shore
Not even knocked the door…

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Our Social Purpose

Some of us live isolated lives, few of us know our neighbours or get involved in our local community, some live surrounded only by people who have lived in the same area for generations or as part of an ethic group, some of us live in diverse multi-cultural neighbourhoods.

When we get to know people, we respond to who they are as individuals, see their concerns as similar to ours, understand where they are coming from.

When we don’t, fear of the unknown kicks in and we think of ‘them’ in the plural and accept the labels that the media and the intolerant give them, ignore the badges of identity they should be wearing with pride.

Then Respect diminishes and eventually disappears.

By offering shorts that allow a glimpse of individuals you may never meet we add to understanding. Go to our Groups page for other ways in which we are trying to help understanding and reduce isolation.

Our Political Purpose

We all live under the influence of government of some kind, international, national, local or even organisations that, for instance, control sports.

We all live in an economic system or another that is controllable through politics. We wouldn’t be the true voice of ordinary people if we didn’t point out how we are being disadvantaged and open up a debate about improving things. So, for those willing to take an interest in politics with a small p, not Party Politics, we offer our The Voice of Ordinary People blog. I have included an article of mine about cricket here to show that we don’t just concentrate on economics.

We’ll also offer a Political Bookshelf soon.

I hope you continue to enjoy the stories on this website and in FUN our weekly newsletter which starts off with a Sindy edition.

Soon, Sindy and I will be in the archive and you’ll have lots of new authors to read, like Salma Nassif whose work we feature here as an example.    

How Cricket can unite the British

English society is deeply divided between those who live in multi-cultural communities and those who live in mono-cultural communities. It is bedevilled by our lack of meaningful contact with our neighbours and the transience or boring self-centred routine of our lifestyles. Cricket offers an element of a solution to these problems…

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Roy Chadwick

Roy Chadwick