52 Poems About People: Free eBook to Members

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The titles and a one line description of the poems are shown below.
They appear in alphabetical order of title to make them easier to find.
All the poems are about people even if one seems to be about a bed sheet
The characters range in age from a 7 year old remembering when he was three to an old guy struggling with a jigsaw puzzle and reviewing his life. Some are philosophical but in a folksy rather than academic way.
Je ne Suis pas Charlie was written against the tirade of hatred that followed the Paris killings and was originally simply called Respect. Many are sentimental, some just written to make you laugh, others to make you think again by considering a new perspective.
Try setting a time aside each week and dipping in to a poem you have time to read and that suits your mood.
Buy the collection for loved ones and make the same suggestion – maybe they’ll think kindly of you once a week for a few minutes in their busy lives.

Always Remember
-A reminder not to lose ourselves in life
A Mind Disturbed
-Three short phases of a worrying life
An Intimate Relationship
-Re-establishing links with a son
A Rosy Glow Returns
-Memories of a grandfather
Beer-on-the-Jetty Philosophy
-A Caribbean father’s reflections on life
-A long life reviewed as a jigsaw is completed
Breaking Through
-A plea for a return to a complex love
Community Servant
-A drug dealer to kids defends his role
Dialogue with a Teenager
-A mother and daughter discuss midnight
-A brief dystopian view of the future
-A secular family’s light-hearted holiday story
Empty Space
-A brief chilling scene
First Experience of Warmth
-A memory of a childhood event
First Toy, First Love, First Loss
-A sad account of childhood loss
Getting Spliced
-A short formal poem about the act of marriage
Graham Greene
-A tribute to a favourite author
-Images that tumble into a story
-Four lines of character assassination
Je ne Suis pas Charlie
-A response to the outcry about the cartoonist
-About not liking the loss of English
Lifelong Love
-A tribute to parenting
Lives Change
-A child recalls a day at the zoo
Lost at Sea
-A boy on a beach with his dad
Lucky Billy Taylor
-A Lancashire monologue
Massaging Expectations
-A village girl is disappointed in her career
-A scare about digital intrusion
-A middle-aged man reflects on events
Nearing the End
-Confusion and hope in old age
-A light-hearted definition of the word
Now and Then
-A visit to an old haunt to rekindle love
On the Bus Today
-A brief description of a memorable journey
Opinion Revised
-A boy comes to terms with his brother
Rhythms of the Heart
-Some whimsical questions unanswered
Sheet Life
-A brief reflection about a bedsheet
-A woman escapes from a bad marriage
-A woman fantasises about revenge
Sublime Inspiration
-Two women take a step beyond friendship
The Comfort Zone
-A long wallow in feel-good scenarios
The Night Shift
-A saga about the antics of hotel guests
The Spirit of the Child
-A formal poem of life’s stages
The Tender Touch
-Innocence as the essence of love
-A man frees himself for love
Unanswerable Questions
-How, why, what, where, when? In 10 lines
Waning Protest
-An old man regrets his condition
W B Yeats under Scrutiny
-A brief fantasy at English passport control
-A message to a prospective daughter-in-law
We Live to Regret
-A formal account of the mistakes we make
We were Five
-A woman recalls her first sexual experience
When you are Seventy
-Achievements at seventy chronicled briefly
Who’s that Knocking?
-A young girl explains her fear of callers
-A light-hearted look at writers and poets
You are a Mystery
-A tribute to love and human complexity