Inside Out

Alexandra Stein was involved with the fringe political cult O for ten years before exposing the induction, indoctrination, devotion and exploitation of members by a corrupt leader. Idealism astray.


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A gripping literary memoir of life inside an extremist political group.Invaluable . . . honest . . . intelligent. –Doris Lessing”If you want to know how sensible and educated people can be hooked into a cult run by a psychopath, this honest and intelligent book will tell you. It will be invaluable in the effort to expose the mechanisms of cults and sects.”Doris Lessing?The most gripping inside account of a cult that I have ever read. It is also a literary masterpiece, and a classic of autobiographical writing. By the end, readers will care passionately about the author, her family and the many characters that illuminate these pages. Dr. Dennis Tourish, Department of Communication and Management Aberdeen University, ScotlandInside Out tells a riveting story of life inside a fringe group of political activists, not unlike the SLA and others that emerged from the U.S. Left in the 1970s. With passion, insight, and wit, Stein unravels the mystery of this secretive cult called the O. ? a tale made all the more real because of the author’s frankness about her own 10-year involvement with the group. The processes of induction and indoctrination, and the increasing devotion of O. members, who over time are exploited by a corrupt leader, come alive in absorbing detail. This book makes a significant contribution to the study of the social psychology of closed groups, as well as to our understanding of fanaticism and idealism gone astray ? all subjects of compelling importance in this post-9/11 world.Janja Lalich, Ph.D. Department of SociologyCalifornia State University, ChicoInside Out Paperback edition by Alexandra Stein

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