Just A Child

Sammy Woodhouse groomed in Rotherham at 14 by a ringleader of a child sex ring , while in council care, went on to blow the whistle on the gang and the authorities and thus save countless others.


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Sammy Woodhouse was just 14 when she met Arshid Hussain. Ten years older, he promised to take care of her. Sammy thought she was in love, but in reality she was being groomed by a ringleader of Britain’s most notorious child sex ring. Just A Child tells the heartbreaking story of how a young girl from Rotherham was abused by her drug-dealing “boyfriend,” eventually giving birth to his baby, right under the nose of the very authorities who were meant to protect her. When reality dawned and Sammy realized she was one of countless vulnerable child victims?many of whom were trafficked around the north of England?she took it upon herself to blow the whistle and save others from a similar fate. Thanks to Sammy’s bravery, the gang was fully exposed, as well as the authorities that did little to help her. Her shocking account of how these events came to pass will enrage and sadden but, above all, it will offer hope and show why this must never happen again.Just A Child Paperback edition by Sammy Woodhouse

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