Run: A Gritty and Gripping Crime Thriller. You’ll be Hooked

Set in Manchester’s underworld, RUN, like many realistically gritty thrillers by Heller involves the consequences of being drawn into the life of a dangerous man.


Run by Mandasue Heller is a gritty story of Manchester’s criminal underworld.
After being cheated on by her ex, Leanne Riley is trying her hardest to get her life back on track, which isn’t easy without a job and living in a bedsit surrounded by a junkie and a mad woman.
On a night out with her best friend she meets Jake, a face from her past who has changed beyond all recognition. Jake is charming, handsome and loaded, a far cry from the gawky teenager he used to be. Weary of men, Leanne isn’t easy to please, but Jake tries his best to break through the wall she’s built around herself.
But good looks and money can hide a multitude of sins. Is that good-looking face just a mask? And what’s more, what will it take to make it slip, and who will die in the process . . . ?Run Paperback edition by Mandasue Heller

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131 x 198 x 26mm