Sindy’s Respect Merchandise

Have fun being serious about Sindy’s Respect Message by wearing the the deep passion red logo on a T-shirt or top, that will fit with any mood or style, relaxed or business-like.

You’ll be putting Respect at the top of the agenda and yourself in the centre of attention.

You’ll be attracting people who share your aims of showing, earning and expecting Respect, and putting off the people who will never put your happiness ahead of their gratification.

Personal Selfies posted on Social Media are the way that revolutions begin and evolve. Have fun being creative in drawing attention to Respect and help make the world better because of it.

Share Respect at home, in social groups and at work, by simply drinking from Respect mugs and posting a group photo of your togetherness.


Respect at Work

As an enlightened employer, or as a team leader, whether official or just because of your personality, you’ll know how much more valuable and productive teams of people are, who demonstrate Respect for each other and your customers. So, don’t be afraid to bring a Respect agenda and campaign material into work. A brief weekly or monthly Respect meeting could even bring hidden resentments to the surface and clear the air, help create that co-operative teamwork ethic.

Poster Prints

Put up a Poster

Buy and display a quality printed poster just for you or to badge your home or workspace. Or contact us to get FREE Print Quality artwork. Copyright free if unaltered. (It is a breach of copyright to modify the image or add messages to it without written permission.)

Before you explore the merchandise please consider these provisos:
The merchandise items are printed on demand with the slogan.
This is the reason they cost a little more than mass produced products.
Our systems order your printing immediately you place the order but there may be a short queueing delay in creating your item. The cost to you is kept down by getting value in delivery but this sometimes means that the fastest method cannot be used.
In other words, please don’t expect instant delivery but you will be kept informed of unusual delays.
Discounts offered in our shop apply only to the merchandise.
Delivery charges are not discounted but passed on at cost. These will be added when you click through to the basket and tend to be between x and x per item. Sizes are shown in inches and centimetres and it is wise to check the measurements rather than just choose your ‘normal’ size. Check out laundry instructions here.