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Whether you are just starting out and haven’t written a paragraph you dare show to anyone, or have had your writing published and want to find some new readers, Real Life Press has something to offer you.

If you have an interesting story to tell but can’t find the words we can help you find a ghost-writer to help.

This page is about opportunities available through us and others and it includes details of writing competitions.

No writer can ‘do it alone’, you only have to read the acknowledgments in bestselling books to know how true that is. We have an optional publishing and promotional deal for full-length books and we create anthologies that you may find to be of interest.

But there is lots of free advice and there are lots of services you can use to help create and sell your work. Go to WRITING SERVICES to check out both. Go to WRITING BOOKSHELF to find books to help.

WRITING COMPETITIONS can be a passport to success, and we are researching them on your behalf.

For now, we offer SPREADSHEETS of Free to Enter and Fee to Enter Competitions which we believe to be genuine. We will not list or will remove any that turn out to encourage hatred. However, we won’t censor and so L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future appears, which by his name alone is associated with Scientology.

I wish you all the success you want from your writing journey.

Roy Chadwick

Roy Chadwick


  • Does a memoir, rather than just a memory, exist before someone else reads it?
  • Is your writing enjoyable or emotionally moving to read?
  • Are people likely to buy a book or shorter work you have written?

You can only answer these questions when you’ve allowed strangers to read it. How can readers get to know about you, or agents and publishers see examples of your writing without disturbing their slush piles of submissions?

Only if you showcase.

Create Your Archive

Your entry once accepted will be in the archive for as long as you like, becoming part of your portfolio. It may be included in the FUN newsletter or circulated more widely to attract new subscribers.

Identify those Moments

Every biography or novel about people grounded in reality is based on a series of pivotal life changing moments. So, if you have ten books already published, you could probably extract enough 750-1250-word passages to draw the regular attention of our FUN readers and find new fans.

In the archive, in FUN and on the website, your entry will be shown under your name and a section that allows links to up to four web or social media sites, allowing you to sell to new fans.

Link to your Website and Social Media.

In the archive, in FUN and on the website, your entry will be shown under your name and a section that allows links to up to four web or social media sites, allowing you to sell to new fans.

Enter LIFECHANGE Challenge

You must join at Level 2 or higher to enter. Your first entry is free. Subsequent entries are £8 at Level Two, £4 at Level Three. At Level Four, up to 6 entries a month are free At Level Five all entries are free. Select your entry level in the Shop and we will email a form with a reference number.

Writing Guidelines
Just show what happened to change your life on one day, in one meeting or conversation, little back story, no preamble, Grab attention with the title, teaser, first sentence, first paragraph. Use senses to enrich your story. What is being heard, seen, touched, smelled, remembered, evoked? Portray real people not fantasy figures or one-dimensional ciphers. Make the read feel satisfying by honing that final sentence.

Your Pitch
You’ll also need to describe the entry. If it is part of a larger work, is it complete or in progress? Do you want to submit it for Critique? You will have 50 words to write a blurb that entices readers to open your entry. We will use these some of these blurbs in our publicity, in our weekly FUN newsletter and on the website, with a link to your archived entry.

We Will Reject Your Entry
If it doesn’t describe a life-changing moment. If it is disrespectful without cause, or illegal. If it hasn’t been checked for spelling and grammar.
We will tell you why, so you can retry.


Writing a novel or biography is a daunting task. If you write poetry or short stories and have no loyal readers, publication options are limited and self-publishing is rarely profitable. But what if your work is included in a themed anthology?


FLASHFACT Challenge is open for entries. The Challenge is to write 250-750 words of flashfact, rather than fiction, to describe an incident that happened to you. If it happened to someone you know well and you have their permission, you can write it in the first person in their voice. If you witnessed it, then use the voice and your perception of the thoughts of the person affected. You may submit under a pseudonym or as ‘firstname. anonymous’.

The Blurb for over twenty anthologies
Thirty accounts of true life-changing incidents as they happened to ordinary people, told in their own words. Expect to laugh and cry. Some will amuse or entertain, others draw you into their
emotional response of joy or sorrow, hope or despair, resilience or resignation.

How a Cat Changed My Life
Is just one title proposed for this series of Real Life Press Anthologies. You may suggest a title and we’ll try to find another 29 authors to join you. Submissions are invited initially for stories about a cat, a dog, a baby, a child, a date, a holiday, a crime, an accident, an illness, a friend, a neighbour, a book, a sport, the gym, a movie, a TV series, social media, my faith, a journey, a car, a new outfit, a haircut, dieting, a bet.

Backstory and Photos/Video
Each story will be accompanied by brief information chosen by the authors, together with illustrations provided to authenticate the stories and put them into context

Publication of eBooks
Each book in the series will be 96 paperback printed pages long but available initially as an eBook only, when 30 stories have been accepted.

Publication of Printed Books
This will depend on economic viability. POD, Sponsorship and advertising revenue, and magazine rather than paperback, options will be explored.

In order to establish a following for the series, an eBook will be offered For Free For Ever called How My Life Was Changed. It will include one or two stories from each subject. Authors used, will have their stories in three other anthologies, but not earn royalties from this one. Its cover will offer a free book from the series in return for a sign-up to our mailing list.

The usual price for each eBook in the series will be $2.99 (£2.34 + 20% VAT = £2.80) Each will be offered at various times at $0,99 and $1.99. in promotions but never offered free except on the signup offer. The price of printed books will be based on economic viability.

Entry Fee
You must join at Level 2 or higher to enter. Your first entry is free. Subsequent entries are £4 at Level Two, £2 at Level Three. At Level Four, up to 6 entries a month are free At Level Five all entries are free. Select your entry level in the Shop and we will email a form with a reference number.

Acceptance Fee
If your entry is accepted for eBook Publication and there are 29 other accepted entries, you will be charged an acceptance fee of £8 as a contribution to 50% of the costs. If you have four or more entries accepted for inclusion and agree to one of them appearing in the free anthology you will not be charged acceptance fees on your entries

We Will Reject Your Entry
If it doesn’t describe a life-changing moment. If it is disrespectful without cause, or illegal. If it hasn’t been checked for spelling and grammar. We will tell you why, so you can retry.

Royalty Payments
Net revenue will be shared 50/50between Real Life Press which will reinvest it on systems and publicity and the 30 authors involved in that title. Each author will receive quarterly £1.67 of every £100. Net revenue is what remains after deduction of retailers’ margins etc.


If lots of things have happened to you that are so out of the ordinary they will make a good book, but you can’t find the right words, just tell us your story in 750–1250 words and we’ll help you find a ghost-writer.

Otherwise we’ll give you 750-1250 words to prove that you do it yourself. Your submission must begin with the opening lines and end with the closing lines. In between we need a summary of the main life-changing scenes. How many words you use in each section is your decision – a further test of your writing craft.

Remain Anonymous
You don’t need to reveal your name to the public, you can use a pseudonym if you wish. If you are writing as a whistle-blower you can remain anonymous. This could be important if there is danger or if by blowing the lid off a kind of employment, you risk losing your job and may be unable to find a new one.

A Complete Manuscript Isn’t Needed
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written much of the book yet. Even if you have we don’t want you to submit it in its present form and we won’t read it at this stage

Our Response
We won’t just accept or reject. We’ll tell you what we think as soon as possible and if interested ask for more. We won’t ask for reading or editing fees as you progress, because the creation of the final manuscript is your job. We will try to point you in the right direction if the book doesn’t fit our imprint.

How to Submit Your Synopsis
You can get a form to submit your synopsis from the SHOP. The fee depends on your membership level
Level One: £20
Level Two: £10 requires free newsletter signup
Level Three: £5
Level Four: £2.50
Level Five: Unlimited Free Entry

Submit Your Synopsis Now

Our Optional Publishing, Distribution & Marketing Deal
Our publishing role is an unusual one but is a variation of common hybrid models that are being used by most traditional publishers for unknown authors. Established authors and people with an established fan base are the only ones to get the upfront advances. Most authors now need a social media presence and to be active in promoting themselves and their books.

Our core production role is to accept a completed formatted manuscript with a designed cover and to arrange the creation and worldwide distribution of an eBook in all formats. A key part of this eBook arrangement is that we can sell your book from our website at no cost to us and avoid retail margins and make free copies available when you wish. Our core print distribution role is to provide ISBN numbers and artwork, branding and access to print and trade distribution and storage ensuring that bookshops can order your book at suitable trade rates.

Print on Demand is available as an option but the cost of it does not usually allow trade discounts and still provide a competitive retail price. If you decide to have a printed book to sell, the cost of printing and storage is your responsibility.

Our core marketing roles are to feature your book on our website, social media, in the Real Life Press shop, in the FUN newsletter and within our ongoing marketing programme, and to contact our growing network of reviewers to gain as much notice as we can for your book. Promotion will be ongoing, not just at launch which will be intensive. The launch will include the use of external promotional services. There will be no charge for this service beyond our 50/50 share of net revenue. You will be given the opportunity to continue using those external services at a discount after launch.

Ongoing Free Marketing
The advantage of being published by Real Life Press is that you become part of a co-operative in which each author brings new readers to the site for the potential benefit of other authors, so promotion never stops even if you do nothing. if you enter something new in the LIFECHANGE Writing Challenge we will mention your published books in the newsletter. If you want to make offers to FUN newsletter and website readers we will help you, even if this involves titles not published by Real Life Press.

Whenever it is appropriate we will offer the opportunity of merchandise associated with the book, as is the case with Sindy in Real Life.

Copyright & Sales of Rights
Copyright remains with you at all times. It is subject to your agreement to us using extracts from the book to promote it and Real Life Press. In the case of ghost-writers, it is normally shared 50/50 with the subject. We will however seek out and offer to you overseas and film and television deals etc. The income, less external administration costs, from all sales including negotiated and accepted deals, will be shared 50/50 between you the Copyright Owners and us, Real Life Press as the Publisher. If we are not involved in the negotiation of rights but have published the book we will take a fee of 10% for the community to help other writers, whether or not you have an agent.


If you enter the LIFECHANGE Challenge you can provide social media and website links to sell your other books. You do not need to write new material. You can select, and edit if necessary, a life-changing incident involving people as they are in real life, not part of a genre, biographical or fictional, from one of your published books and state its origin.

Seven Snippets
The two accounts of life-changing events on the Readers Page were adapted by Sindy from passages in her autobiography Sindy in Real Life. We have included them here because they fit the criteria for the LIFECHANGE Challenge and as examples of using that vehicle to showcase published books. Readers can get a PDF of seven other Life Changing events for 99p by ordering SEVEN SNIPPETS – SINDY from the SHOP.

If you have 9 accounts that fit the LIFECHANGE Challenge Guidelines and allow us to feature one on the website and one in a newsletter we will offer the other 7 for 99p on a 50/50 royalty basis as a SNIPPET in our SHOP.

If you have a book, or a series of books, you want to promote by showcasing in this way, we will share the revenue with you and accept ten simultaneous submissions to LIFECHANGE Challenge without fee. We will use three stories to promote your work. We can also offer mini-collections of your other stories as Snippets. The minimum order value is necessary because of payment processing costs.

Your existing eBooks
If you have access to eBook files or are willing to take the risk of offering PDF files of your existing eBooks and don’t have a restrictive sales agreement with any retailer, we can sell all your eBooks that feature real people. You can set the price and we will deduct 15% for the Community and credit your Real Life Press account monthly. Money can be released to your account via PayPal in £20 units.

Your existing printed books or POD
Your POD agreement must be free of restrictions. If your books have ISBN numbers and feature real people we can include them in our Bookshelf deal with Wordery and promote them. You will need to have delivery arrangements in place for Wordery to accept titles onto their website. Wordery price their books inclusive of delivery and offer a worldwide service.

If you don’t have a distributor you will need to agree a discount off the retail price with Wordery. Alternatively, if you hold stocks of your books yourself and will arrange professional delivery and can quote us a price including delivery for regions of the world we will offer your books in our SHOP. We will pay you 85% of the total but withhold payment until we have customer acknowledgement of the delivery.

How to Set up Sales of Your Own Books through Us

We have a set up fee per book which is determined by your membership level.

Level One: £20
Level Two: £10 requires free newsletter signup
Level Three: £5
Level Four: £2.50
Level Five: Unlimited Free Set-ups

Get your Book Sales codes from the SHOP
When you have your code email it to booksales@reallifepresspub.com with a link to details of the book so that we can access its suitability, and tell us whether you want us to sell the eBook, the printed book via Wordery or from our Shop.

if your book isn’t selling well, you could consider it a draft, withdraw it from the market, give it a new title and offer the rewrite as a new book and consider our publishing and promotion deal, subject of course to any contractual arrangements you have. You might use the characters and write about them in another time and place, then it would be a new book.

Once again, welcome to Real Life Press, I look forward to our journey together.

Roy Chadwick
Roy Chadwick